INZI Control’s Decision Further Strengthens Battery Production in Hungary


INZI Control chose Komárom for its first production plant in Europe.

The South-Korean company is investing more than EUR 45 million in the building of its production unit for battery modules, which further strengthens Hungary’s position in the manufacturing of next generation electric vehicles (EV).

As a member of INZI Group, INZI Controls produces a wide range of automobile spare parts, covering various components for engines, cooling systems, fuel delivery, sensors, chassis parts (e.g. braking components, solenoid valves and air-cleaner assemblies), antennas and monitor components. Currently INZI Controls has production capacity in South Korea, China, India, Malaysia and the United States.

Now the company has decided to build its newest unit in Komárom, Hungary, which is also the first to be built in Europe. The plant will produce battery modules for its European customers.

The fact that three of the top five Asian battery manufacturers have chosen Hungary on the continent even directs the attention of other industrial stakeholders to our country’s potentials, leading to additional investments.




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