Popular Journalist András Szegő Dies at 75


Hungarian journalist András Szegő died at the age of 75. Nők Lapja magazine announced the death of the Prima Primissima award-winning journalist on its Facebook page.

András Szegő died after a long illness, “as long as his condition allowed, he worked – the void he leaves behind cannot be filled, there are no words left,” the post reads.

The journalist and publicist known only by his nickname “The King of Interviews” was born in March 1948 in Budapest. After successfully graduating from Kossuth Grammar School, he studied economics, attended Eötvös Loránd University, and studied sports management at the College of Physical Education, but never finished his studies.

From 1970, he worked for Képes Sport for 12 years, specializing in wrestling, weightlifting and boxing. From 1994, he was the author of Nők Lapja magazine, and Sport Plusz. His articles appeared regularly in newspapers. His book of interviews entitled Lonely Conversations was published in 2003. Five years later he published his book about Imre Antal, which included interviews with colleagues and friends. In addition to writing, he also acted, and had a minor role in Colonel Redl, Fatelessness, and the third part of the movie Zsaruvér és csigavér.



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