Almost 2,000 EV purchases subsidized by government funding

Economy National

The government has provided subsidies for the purchase of almost 2,000 electric vehicles since launching a support programme, state secretary Tamás Schanda said on Thursday. In the initial phase of the programme from 2016 the government provided more than 2 billion forints for the purchase of almost 1,500 electric vehicles. Around 60% of the recipients were economic entities and 40% were private individuals. Since the start of the second phase in March, more than 700 million forints has been awarded for purchasing almost 500 vehicles. A little over 50% of recipients were companies, more than 40% were private individuals and sole proprietors and municipal councils also applied for funding.

The government has earmarked 5 billion forints for the project and 2.3 billion is still available. Buyers can apply for at most 1.5 million of funding but the application can be combined with subsidies for the purchase of cars by big families bringing the government funding to 4 million. There are 14,500 fully electric or hybrid cars in Hungary at the moment, up from 8,000 last November, Schanda said.



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