PM: Hungary to Maintain Work-Based Economy


Hungary will resist falling into the trap of introducing blanket welfare measures during the novel coronavirus epidemic, the prime minister said.

The government will soon unveil the “biggest economic stimulus plan in the country’s history”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public Kossuth Radio on Friday morning. Key elements of the stimulus package are job preservation and job creation, he added. Orbán insisted that the government would not give up its fundamental approach of nurturing a work-based economy, and he dismissed returning to a welfare-based economy, explaining that would require the country to borrow, probably from abroad, and get backed into a place “where the IMF and financial speculators of the like of George Soros are waiting for us”.

“Let’s not give up our goals, let’s not give up what we have achieved, let’s not give up Hungary’s independence, let’s not give up the work-based economy and let’s not give up the chance to live proudly either,” he said. “We have to fight this crisis without giving up our dreams,” the prime minister said.


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