Pension Premiums to Be Paid Between November 10-15


Pensioners will receive their pension premiums to offset inflation between November 10 and 15, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video published on Facebook on Saturday, international day of the elderly.


“Even amid hard times in Europe we must not forget about our most important national priorities including appreciation for pensioners,” he said. Orbán noted that the government had reintroduced 13th month pensions, adding that he considered it as “a matter of honour”, and pledged that “just as this year, each pensioner will receive their 13th month pension in 2023”.


Orbán said inflation had further increased in the whole of Europe “because of Brussels’ sanctions”, which necessitated providing pensioners with a premium, for the second time in November. “Without regard to hard times or a crisis, Hungary will give its pensioners what they are due,” he said.

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