Rents Are Getting More Expensive – Average Price Over 200,000 in Budapest


The approaching school year is one of the causes of the high prices.


As the start of the school year approaches, rents are rising across the country.

A recent analysis by Duna House states shows that:

  • the current rental market is characterised by extremely high demand and tight supply
    students studying in the capital should prepare for the highest costs: in Budapest the average rent is expected to rise to over HUF 200,000, and even in popular rural university towns, expenses can only be reduced by moving more students together
  • those who do not want a flatmate but would like to rent a separate garage should expect a minimum rent of HUF 130-150,000 plus utilities, based on the current offer in the capital
  • although the rent of the chosen apartment is the most important item, it is only one of many: the energy parameters of the property, and thus its monthly energy consumption, are of paramount importance not only when buying an apartment, but also when looking for a rental property
  • the energy certification regulation will change in November, but even in the case of previous contracts, the landlord must not only present the document to the tenant, but must also include the number of the energy certificate for the property in the rental contract
  • it is also worth checking that the home is a financially clear estate, as a previously accumulated utility arrears may result in the disconnection of the service
  • in addition to the rent and utility bills, it is essential that the prospective tenant is also aware of the composition and level of the common charges; if the common charges include an amount for future improvements, the tenant may ask the owner to take over these items, as the tenant may not necessarily benefit from this.


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