An elderly man died in Slovakia after being vaccinated


An elderly man has died in Slovakia after being vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine, the Slovak public service news agency TASR reported on Tuesday.

The 79-year-old man suffered from several chronic illnesses which were found to be the primary cause of death at the autopsy, but fever and weakening as undesirable side effects of the vaccine also contributed to his death, the Slovak News Agency wrote to the National Institute of Medicines. The institute rated the causal relationship between vaccination and death as “possible,” indicating a medium probability on a 5-point scale set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) to characterize similar cases.

A SÚKL spokesman stressed in his resolution on the case that the need for vaccination should be assessed individually for older people with multiple chronic illnesses, who may also experience health problems with mild side effects. To date, the Slovak Institute has registered 353 cases of suspected adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccination, 24 of which have been classified as serious.

The vaccination program, which also began in Slovakia at the end of December, has so far vaccinated more than 102,000 people, nearly 6,000 of them on Monday. In Slovakia, only one type of vaccine against the coronavirus, the product of the Pfizer-BioNTech consortium, is currently used.

According to data released by the National Health Information Center on Tuesday, nearly 11,000 PCR-type tests were performed in Slovakia on Monday, and 1,590 new infections were registered. The number of newly registered infections has been on a declining trend for a few days, but not the number of deaths. Health Minister Marek Krajcí said at a press conference on Friday that the epidemic situation in Slovakia is gradually improving, indicating that the country is already at the peak of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

Since the spring onset of the disease in the country, the presence of the coronavirus has been detected by PCR in about 238,000 people, and more than 1,709,000 of these types of viruses have been tested to date. The number of people declared cured is nearly two hundred thousand, and there are currently 3,263 infected people being treated in hospital. Official sources attribute 4,260 deaths to the disease, a figure that rose by 192 on Monday.

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