In a School in Győr There Will Be Classes on Saturdays So That They Don’t Have to Pay So Much Utilities in December

In the St. Benedek Primary School in Győrszentiván, there will be classes on Saturdays until the autumn break, so the school can stay closed longer in the December period, which will seriously reduce their budget, Mária Kropfné Knipp, the school’s director writes in her letter to parents.

In the Hospital in Győr, It Costs HUF 5,500 If Someone Wants to See a Deceased Relative

At the Petz Aladár University Teaching Hospital in Győr, if somebody wants to see the body of a relative or family member before it is taken away from the hospital, they have to pay 5,500 forints to see it – reports Úgy Tudjuk. Dr. László Jávor, the general director of the hospital, confirmed to the […]