PM Announces Bonus for Health-Care Workers


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the government’s reallocation plan for how to redeploy health-care staff when the coronavirus becomes widespread was Hungary’s most important document.

As part of the plan, health-care staff will receive a 500,000 forint (EUR 1,380) bonus this year.

It is compulsory for all health staff to come under central command in a health emergency, he noted. Fully 110 dormitories for 19,820 people and 58 hotels for 5,661 people, as well as 3,543 vehicles, are on hand, he added. The authorities have prepared to feed 203,770 staff, he said. “This is a military plan of command for a mass epidemic,” Orbán said.

Praising health-care workers and others on the frontline of the efforts to contain the virus, Orbán said an epidemic fund disbursing the bonus, other resources and containing further measures will be announced on Wednesday. A decision on curfew restrictions introduced last week to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic is also planned to be revealed on Wednesday. The restrictions are in force until next Saturday, and a decision will be needed as to whether to extend them or not.

“We will do so if we have to,” he added.

Orbán called on people to “resist” celebrating Easter with loved ones. “Easter may also be the right time to consider the ways to reorganise our lives until the vaccine for the virus is at hand,” he said.


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