Government Promoting Electric Car Purchases

Europe National

The government has so far awarded grants totalling 6 billion forints (EUR 16.4m) to help 1,600 bidders buy over 2,000 electric vehicles, a state secretary of the innovation and technology ministry said.

Péter Kaderják said that the programme, initially launched under the government’s Climate and Environment Protection Action Plan in May with a budget of 5 billion forints, reached its limit on the first day due to a rush of demand. The government then decided to increase the budget so that “all bidders meeting the tender criteria” could receive a grant. The scheme is aimed at making traffic greener and promoting cheaper electric cars, the state secretary said, adding that increasing the popularity of electric cars was crucial to meeting climate neutrality goals by 2050. Kaderják also noted the government’s Green Bus programme, under which municipalities can apply for grants to buy electric buses for their public transport systems. The budget for the ten-year programme is 36 billion forints, he added.


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