A teacher in Bács-Kiskun County died during an online class in front of her students


More than twenty students were attending the online class, the 17-year-olds witnessed terrible moments that will be engraved in their memories forever.

A teacher from a high school in Bács-Kiskun County passed away on Monday while holding an online class. Bors wrote that an eyewitness in the case, a student, said that after about 15 minutes the teacher got sick and fell off the chair.

The students began to shout her name, and several tried to call the teacher on her phone, whose husband soon got to the room and began resuscitation in front of the young students. Paramedics soon arrived at the scene as well, but they could no longer help the teacher.

The school where the teacher taught did not make a statement to Bors for reasons of reverence. The National Ambulance Service wrote:

“The paramedics who arrived on the scene in minutes took over the resuscitation of the woman in her fifties from the man who was there, with whom the rescue manager was on the phone until the ambulance arrived, unfortunately despite the prolonged CPR, her life could not be saved.””

The newspaper spoke to clinical psychologist Gábor Makai, who said that it was very important that

students experiencing tragedy should be helped by a psychologist or therapist to process the trauma.



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