It’s only a matter of time, and here’s the fourth wave – warns the immunologist


The fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic is breaking out all over the world, and it is only a matter of time before it appears in Hungary, said Imre Kacskovics, dean of the Faculty of Science of ELTE, on the ATV Start show.

The immunologist talked about the delta variant being much more aggressive, but fortunately most of the elderly are already vaccinated. For those who do not, the specialist recommends that the vaccine be taken – especially important for those who are elderly or at high risk.

Mandatory mask wearing may return in Hungary

According to Imre Kacskovics, who is vaccinated, it is more or less protected, but unfortunately it seems to be an aggressive virus, it is quickly reproduced in the body, so even if someone has immunoglobulin levels, the virus can multiply in the body.

He stressed:

in the case of vaccines, it is not 100 percent that they develop protection in everyone, so it is important, especially for the elderly, to take the third vaccine, to strengthen their immune system.

The specialist sees:

it would be important for children over the age of 12 to be vaccinated before the start of the school year, if possible, even now, which he says should not wait.

According to the dean, it is not possible to calculate exactly when we can arrive at herd immunity, since the delta variant “brought a new variable into this equation”.

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