Explosion in Esztergom: One Policeman Killed, Several Hospitalized With Severe Injuries


Investigating is still in progress in Esztergom, where a man under investigation – based on primary information – intentionally caused a gas explosion during a criminal operation, the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office (KNYF) told MTI on Wednesday night. According to the announcement, one policeman died and several others were injured during the action on the outskirts of Esztergom.

As a result of the explosion, one employee of the Counter-Terrorism Center (TEK) lost his life, several policemen and firemen were injured, four of them seriously, seven lightly, “there are no civilians among the injured”. According to primary data, the perpetrator also died in the explosion.


The prosecutor’s office wrote that, according to the data obtained so far, on Wednesday, the TEK operations unit went to an address in Esztergom to carry out a pre-arranged criminal task, and then they broke into the building at around 7 p.m., because the man under arrest was uncooperative, and the negotiation with him did not lead to results. Based on primary data, the man deliberately caused a gas explosion. The investigative prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the case for the crime of homicide committed against several officials, and the proceedings are still ongoing. In the presence of the prosecutors of the Central Investigative General Prosecutor’s Office and the director general of the TEK, with the involvement of the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police, an inspection takes place at the site, where, based on the available information, it can be established that there was no police misconduct in the case. The Central Investigative General Prosecutor’s Office will immediately carry out the necessary procedural actions in order to fully investigate the crime as soon as possible.


They added that more detailed information about the case will be given after the completion of the primary investigative actions, expected on Friday, “until then, they ask for the patience of the press and the public”.


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