Slag motor: Polish victory in Debrecen


Przemyslaw Pawlicki, the European champion in both team and doubles, won the Grand Prix qualifying competition in Debrecen, which was held on Monday at the Perényi Pál Salakmotor Stadium.

Behind him, two-time Swedish champion and multiple GP winner Antonio Lindback and Latvian Andzejs Lebedevs, a crowd favorite well known to the people of Debrecen, were able to take the second and third place on the podium. Poland’s Kacper Woryna finished in the fourth place, which still means advancement, so they can start in the Grand Prix Challange in the Czech Republic.

A total of 16 slag spreaders from 12 nations competed in the qualifying round.

There was a change in the pre-submitted start list before the start, as the French David Bellego did not take part in the competition due to an injury, and the reserve Roland Kovács joined the competitors instead. The qualifier promised several exciting races, in the balanced field there were several contenders for the starting line, immediately in the third race four such competitors started, of whom Pawlicki won, while for the second place there was a huge fight between Lindback and Lebedevs, Lindback emerged victorious from the duel between the two, while his compatriot Jacob Thorssell finished fourth. The eighth race, like the previous one, brought a battle of big names, here the Australian champion Rohan Tungate, who started as a contender and won his first race with a convincing performance, finished in fourth place without points due to an engine failure, and then did the same in a later race, thereby losing the possibility of advancing.

Andzejs Lebedevs had the most difficult races, because in the 14th race he collided with Kacper Woryna for the first time, the latter rider broke the cover surrounding the track, but he stayed on his motorcycle and finished second after Lebedevs. In the 20th and last race, the Latvian fought fiercely with the American Giovanni Manzares for the second place worth two points, Lebedev won this duel at the very end, thus keeping his chances of advancing alive.

Przemyslaw Pawlicki ended the competition with a convincing performance in first place, who only found a winner in one race, the Swedish Lindback was one point behind him, while a separate race was organized for the other two places that meant advancement due to equality of points. At the end of the split, Andzejs Lebedevs was the first to see the checkered flag and finished in third place, followed by Woryna and finally Jakobsen, who thus already slipped out of the Challange.

Norbert Magosi, representing the Hungarians, made a good start and ended up with three points, while Roland Kovács, who was replaced by the reserve Richard Füzesi, did not score any points. The Grand Prix Challange will be held on October 4th in Pardubice, Czech Republic.

Photo: AK Images

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