Two Hungarians Detained By the Irish Police After Eight Million Euros Worth of Heroin Found During a Raid


On Friday, the Irish police detained a man in his forties and a man in his sixties after a heroin shipment worth eight million euros was found at Dublin’s Weston airport during a raid, reports, referring to the local press.


The detention of the two men was also reported by the BBC: according to the news, they are being held in custody based on the law prohibiting drug trafficking, for a maximum of seven days for the time being. According to consistent press reports, the drug was obtained by a family-based Dublin criminal gang, which may also be linked to the Kinahan criminal organization.

Hvg has learned that there may be a Hungarian connection to the case. In the police photo taken of the drug seizure, you can see that the smugglers transported the drugs in a small plane. Although the registration number of the small machine is not visible in the pictures, the painted pattern looks very similar to a Hungarian machine. The paper also contacted the owner of the plane, who said he did not know about the case, and the authorities did not contact him either. He also said that based on the photo, it cannot be ruled out that it is his machine, because he lent it to someone for use a week ago through an acquaintance. Hvg also inquired the Irish authorities whether Hungarian citizens were really arrested, but they did not receive an answer.


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