WWF removes 120-year-old obsolete dam in Ukraine to restore rivers in the Carpathian mountains

First dam removal funded by new European Open Rivers Programme WWF aims to restore 3000km of free flowing rivers in Ukraine by 2030 Despite the war, critical conservation work continues in Ukraine with a WWF team successfully removing an obsolete dam in the Carpathian mountains, opening the river to migratory fish for the first time […]

ECB publishes consolidated banking data for end-March 2022

Total assets of EU-headquartered credit institutions increased from €30.45 trillion in March 2021 to €31.71 trillion in March 2022, an increase of 4.15%, EU non-performing loans ratio[1] dropped by 0.54 percentage points year on year to 1.96% in March 2022 EU average return on equity[2] was 1.39% and Common Equity Tier 1 ratio[3] was 15.15% in March 2022

Euro area bank interest rate statistics: June 2022

Composite cost-of-borrowing indicator for new loans to corporations increased by 27 basis points to 1.82%, driven by the interest rate effect, while indicator for new loans to households for house purchase increased by 16 basis points to 1.94%, driven by the interest rate effect Composite interest rate for new deposits with agreed maturity from corporations increased by 14 basis points to […]