Sauna Master Competition to Be Held This Weekend in Zalakaros


The Hungarian round of the Sauna Herbal Cup international sauna master competition will be held in Zalakaros this weekend – the Hungarian Bath Association announced on Thursday.

At the competition starting on Friday, which is organized by for the fourth time, 18 professional sauna masters, 56 sauna programs, a 4-member professional international jury, competition programs and countless accompanying programs await the public for 3 days.

The Sauna Herbal Cup is a prestigious international competition series for sauna masters, which has been organized since 2013. The competition had its first official Hungarian round in 2019. Professional sauna masters from all over the country enter the event, as the winners of the domestic round will be able to represent Hungary in the international finals of the series, which this year will be held in Prague between November 24th-27th. As they say, the Sauna Herbal Cup is a competition for natural health support, and its most important mission is to focus attention on natural, healthy sauna experiences.

The masters prepare two programs: a soothing herbal sauna program, during which they not only use a combination of natural essential oils, but also enrich the program with herbs, incense and many other natural substances. As the second element of the competition, the masters prepare their own skin care program consisting of only natural ingredients, which, after a theoretical presentation, is also presented in practice in the steam cabin.

Czech, Polish, German and Danish experts will score the work of the sauna masters at the competition this year, but the audience can also vote for their favourites. In the announcement, it is recalled that in 2021, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Sauna Herbal Cup was held only in Hungary, and last year’s final was canceled as well. In 2022, in addition to this year’s winners, last year’s winners will also have the opportunity to participate in the final, so Hungary will start the final in Prague with double chances.


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